Sunday, November 29, 2015

If you find yourself in Brown County and are looking for pizza, might I suggest the following:

Restaurant:  Brozinni's Pizza

Location: Nashville, Indiana

What I had:  A slice of 34th street, Madison Ave, a bite or two of Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Broadway, & Garden State Parkway. Oh, and some "Garlic Knuckles" too. Here's a link to their menu to fully understand what the names mean.  Also, Check out their Facebook page for ther occasional special offers.

What I liked:  The garlic knuckles, Madison Ave, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and the Garden State Parkway.

Why I liked it:  The garlic knuckles. If I hadn't had anything else, the garlic knuckles alone are worth the visit to this place. Basically these things are breadsticks that have been tied in a knot, and served swimming in a rich garlicky buttery, parmesan cheesy artery clogging mass of tastiness.  During certain times of the day, they serve their pizza by the slice which comes in handy for a guy like me.  What I didn't know is that, to them, a slice consists of about 1/4 of a 16 inch pie.  I ordered for myself a slice of the 34th street, and a slice of the Madison Avenue. Both were excellent. I'm not usually a fan of ricotta cheese (34th St.) on a pizza, but it looked tasty.  I was won over by the subtle smokiness and sweet barbecue flavor of the Madison Avenue..I'd never thought of pineapple as a topping for a BBQ pizza (I usually save pineapple for Hawaiian style pizzas, personally).  My wife had ordered slices of the Broadway, and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (of course she shared a bite or two).  I almost wish I had ordered a slice of the Brooklyn one for myself as I am truly in food love with a chicken-bacon-ranch style pizza.  My friends had ordered the Garden State Parkway. They got it with  "grandma's pie" style crust. While not quite deep dish, this extra thick crust paired well with the Margherita style toppings.

What I didn't like:  The fact my stomach and dietary needs have limits that this place exceeds in abundance.

What my kids liked: My son had a slice of the cheese pizza. My daughter had the Meat Lover's Calzone.  Both of them scarfed down the garlic knuckles.

Budget: It's available by the slice during the time we went, but the whole pies were reasonable considering the quality.  If it weren't so far away, they would be, at minimum, a once a month dine out.

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