Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I am Grumbly.

I am a forty-something year old father of two, who really likes to try new things in the food world.  My whole family does, except maybe my 8 year old (he is pretty picky, and even then he's usually willing to try something at least once!).

When my family and I go out to eat at a restaurant, there are a few criteria that must be met in order for the experience to have been worthwhile.

First, the food must be good.  Really good, or we simply never go back.

Second, the cost of the meal needs to fit within certain budgetary constraints. Feeding a family of four shouldn't cost half a paycheck.

Third, the service should be more than adequate.  I am not as demanding in this area as I used to be.  We're all human, we all have a bad day once in a while.

I will try to keep my reviews brief, I will try to keep superlatives to a minimum, and I will try to stick to the following format:

Restaurant name:
What I had:
What I liked and why:
What I didn't like and why:
What my kids liked/or didn't like and why:
Where it fits in my food budget: (could it be a staple go to, or is this a special occasion kind of place.)

Occasionally I will try to do a head to head comparison between similar eateries where the fare is basically the same.  Once in a while, I will let you know what my wife thinks of her meal, and of my review.

Whether it is a national chain, or a mom and pop shop I will give you the best and worst of it, and give you a reason to try something different (because we do so enjoy a diverse array of foods from all kinds of ethnicities).

My hope is that my (and my family's) experiences will help you find some truly wonderful food in our region that doesn't break the bank.

Feedback is not only welcome, but encouragged!



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