Tuesday, November 24, 2015

For my first review, my daughter suggested this one:

Restaurant Name: Taste of India

Fare: Indian

Location: Bloomington, IN

What I had:  The lunch buffet.

What I liked: The naan,  palak paneer, butter chicken, vegetable biryani,  chicken curry ,  vegetable pakora.

Why i liked it:  Okay, so if you've never had naan, it is a smoky, chewy flat bread that is baked against the walls of a tandoor (basically a charcoal fired cooking vessel). The Palak Paneer is a smooth almost creamy mixture of spinach and spices with  little cubes of paneer (an Indian cheese).  Butter Chicken: chunks of chicken in a velvety tomato based sauce that I could eat 3 meals a day and I still might not get tired of it after a few years.  The Vegetable Biryani, while not my favorite item at this particular Indian place was a nice compliment to the butter chicken and chicken curry. I'm not usually a fan of curries, but their chicken curry has won me over, its level of heat is just high enough to keep me interested and the gentle sweetness of this savory dish had me making multiple trips back to the buffet. The Vegetable Pakora, usually an appetizer, make a nice finish to the meal, not to mention all the little chutneys and salads, and pickled items they had for condiments.

What I didn't like:  Only one restroom.

Why I didn't like it:  Only. One.  Restroom.  For a place with a busy lunch buffet, lines for the single restroom can get pretty long.

What the kids liked:   My son, who generally only likes food that is vaguely nugget shaped, loved  the butter chicken, and the tandoori chicken leg, and the fresh orange slices.  My daughter pretty much loved everything on the buffet.

Budget: This is place to go on semi-special occasions.  Think quarterly, maybe monthly if you're blessed with a larger dining out budget.

They give a discount if you pay cash, and once in a while if your younger or more picky eater doesn't eat much, they don't charge for that kid.

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