Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sushi for Christmas dinner? Yes please!

Sorry I've been so long between posts.. Holidays and all.

Restaurant: Sapporo Sushi and Sake Bar

Location:  1706 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY

What I had:  several sushi rolls.. The Crunch N Munch,  one that was called the "Golden Cadillac" or something like that.. and one that was set on fire!  Squid and Vegetable Tempura, Gyozas, and Korean Bulgogi Tacos.

What I liked:  The Tempura: It was deep fried perfection  and the calamari not too chewy.

The gyozas: Not the best I'd ever had, but worthwhile. The dipping sauce was amazing!

The Korean Bulgogi Taco: If you don't try anything else on the menu you need to try these! Savory strips of flavorful marinated beef on a warm flour tortilla with some cool Asian vegetables/lettuce with a drizzle of spicy mayo. We had this as an appetizer. We ordered this again for dessert. I'm pretty sure they added more spice to the spicy mayo on the second batch.

The sushi rolls were all on par with other sushi places we've been to.  The flaming one was neat, but the dish broke and they had to get us another one.

What I didn't like:  Not much there to dislike, the wait staff was friendly, unobtrusive, and went out of their way in preventing us from contamination from the broken dish on the flaming sushi roll.

What the kids liked: They both loved the tempura. My daughter loved all the rolls we tried, and My son had two whole orders of their Crab Nigiri all to himself.

Budget:  This is a special occasion kind of place that has potential to become a regular feature in out meals out.  Most of the items on the menu were  reasonably priced with a few very pricey exceptions.  I didn't look at their Hibachi menu to see if it compared with others in the area.

Overall, the experience was worth the dollars spent even if we did go overboard on what we ordered (I had a pricey adult beverage which didn't help the budget either, but it was Christmas night).

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